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As I Type

As I type I hear a hammer hitting a nail. My Sweets and all the children are in the front house getting it ready for us to live in, sometime in the near future.

My Sweets, is putting a window in our bedroom. The room has been semi insulated (I think three walls are done) the  carpet is ripped out and, well, it's just a mess. Hard to believe we it will be livable in less than a month.

When I went to go check on Lupe, Annette said, "Measure twice, cut one. That's my motto."

She cracks me up. She got that from the dvd that we watched last week. All the boys have their tools and are making all kinds of things out of the extra wood. Josh is making a table, Brent is making a tool kit as well as Annette. Ethan & Lance are measuring and hammering. Love having the children work with their dad.

Time to go, I'm playing the Phonogram Fun Packet game with Caleb.

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