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Yesterday was AWANA. All the children said at least one section. This week I'm going to make it a point to practice with Ethan every day.

Brent is doing great this year. He is so motivated to finish his book. He only needs a few more pages and then he can do the review.

Caleb, has been doing most of his memorization on his own this year too! He comes to me every once in a while to make sure he is saying a word correctly. He's a reader now. Yahoo! He doesn't read fast but he can decode many words. It may take him a while or I need to say, "What does that vowel team say?", but he is doing well. He is currently reading a Magic Tree House book (grade level 2.1)

Annette, is not as motivated as last year but she works hard to memorize her book. She ended up with an older AWANA book before they made some changes. It's weird because Josh is on the same book but he has the newer one. Anyway, she is making progress and should be done by the time AWANA ends.

Josh, hmmmm, he is working through his AWANA book but is not very motivated. He likes to memorize verses that he finds and that's okay. Lupe, does require that he memorizes at least one section a week. I don't think he'll finish his book. I'll have to check were he is at to be certain.

Ethan, can't read his book but I  did tell him to bring it to me so we can go over it. He forgets but remembers two days before AWANA, so this week I'm going to write it down "AWANA with Ethan" otherwise I forget too. I keep saying every week that I'm going to go over his verses daily. Before you know it, it's bed time.

Lance, dad is working with Lance. This is how it goes.

Dad, says his verse to him three times. Then has him say it with him and after that he'll say, "Lance, say your verse."
Lance, "What you say."
Lupe, is like what, we have been going over this verse for fifteen minutes.

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