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Bible Reader

I have an old Bible reader book. I'm not sure where I found it. I think at Half Price Books. I only have book 1 and book 3. My MIL gave me book 3.

I think they were given to children who had perfect attendance in Sunday School at one time. Here is a picture showing that one girl had three years of perfect attendance!

When you open the book you see this beautiful picture of Jesus.

Inside are Bible stories as well as character building stories of little ones.

Ethan enjoys these books and calls them his Bible. Sunday he took one to church. Today I noticed that his 'Survival' backpack didn't have his 'Bible' book in it. I asked him if he remembered to bring his book home. He just looked at me. My first thought was to get upset and say something that's not very Christ-like. (Can you tell I struggle with this) I held back because my son is more important to me than an old book. Instead I asked him to try to remember if he left it at church or not. I then asked the other children to help look for it. We couldn't find it. I thought for sure my book was gone.

I comforted myself in the fact that our church is a smaller one and maybe there will be a chance we'll get it back. All the while I kept myself under control and let the children know that although I REALLY liked the book, it was just that, a book.

 I so wanted to have a pity party, but I'm always teaching my children that they are in control of their feeling and are responsible for their choices. They can feel sorry for themselves, joyful or not, thinking of self or others. Many times I'm having to take a dose of my own advice to my children. (A good thing)

In the end we found the book still in the van. I'm thankful that I chose to NOT have a pity party or make my son feel guilty for losing a book.

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