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A Little About Me and Why so Many Post

Hello, I'm Linda, wife to my dear Lupe, and mom to six children (all so very different).

This is my little corner of the web. I use it sort of, as a way to figure things out. I write my thoughts and ideas (usually about homeschooling) to bounce around when I have all these ideas and thoughts flying around in my head. LOL.
So, you'll see many post about curriculum that I'm 'thinking' about using or looking at, at the time. Sometimes I'll think I found what we'll use, but it's always subject to change. Nothing written in stone until it's scheduled in our school day. I guess you can say it's a hobby of mine and fun too.

I also enjoy reading, especially to my kiddos. I would like to try my hand at gardening sometime in the future.

In case your wondering why so many post in a day. Now that I have the "Labels" section I thought it would be easier to make different post instead of one long one. At homeschoolblogger I didn't have the labels.
Hope you all are enjoying "Homeschooling6" new blog & look. I'm also going to be playing around with some graphics and such. I'm going to keep this blog more simple looking, so I don't have to ask my sister for so much help.

 Anyway, I guess you can say this blog is still 'under construction'


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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to "meet" you.



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