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Lupe & I had to go to our storage in Plano. We had our T.V. and a few bookshelves that we needed to transfer to our storage in Wylie. This storage is only a few minutes away. Since we plan on staying here for a while it makes sense to move our stuff closer.

It was so cold. We were out in 37 degrees. My hands are still thawing out as I type.

A quick update about our 'Crazy Adventure" for those of you who have kept up with my previous blog. We have been in our 700sf. for five months. It's been an adventure all right ;)

Some time next month we will move to the front house. The people that we are renting it to are moving out. The front house is 1200sf. it has three bedrooms and one bath. I'll blog more about it later.

Today at church we had a yummy potluck. Every first Sunday of the month everyone brings a dish and we have a great time of fellowship. Annette, likes it because we get dessert. Today I had a cake that was red and it was soooo good. It had some peppermint in it. Yummy, for my tummy!

Tomorrow it's back to school. We will start off light. Maybe do math, grammar, spelling & writing. It's not so light for me considering I need to spend 30 min. with Ethan to go over SWR, 30 minutes with Brent & Caleb for Phonics Road, 30 minutes with Annette for SWR, 30 minutes with Josh for SWR. Then cycle around to help Ethan & Caleb with their math.

We are going to watch a movie now.


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