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Busy Friday

On Fridays we have family movie night. The children don't watch television through out the week, so movie night is something different.

Last week we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. The children enjoyed it. It was pretty family friendly. There were a few scenes that made you jump. It was more the music than the scene. Also the boy said to his father, "I get dibs on the girl". The children were asking what that meant. We told them we'll tell them after the movie. Thank goodness the forgot. Other than that there was no bad words or barely dressed women.

I baked some chocolate chip cookies for our movie night and the children will pop some popcorn.

Speaking of baking, my children love when I bake. It's funny how it makes them feel more loved. Same with  homemade meals. Well, as homemade as it can get around here. My cooking isn't from scratch. I don't make my own noodles or sauces. I can get away with making spaghetti sauce but it's not the greatest.

Our delicious lunch!

For dinner we had a wonderful chicken salad. I cut up some greens, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, and added some dried cranberries, cheese and some canned tangerines. I put everything in a separate bowl and let the children build their own salads.
I was going to order some cheese pizzas because we don't have much at home, but once I started pulling things from the pantry and fridge. I realized that we could have a nice meal without spending the money.

Here are some pictures of the children schooling & eating.

Annette, working hard.

Her math page.

Lance, working hard. Actually he didn't want to do school.

Caleb enjoying lunch!



Brent staying warm on a cold day.

And lastly, what five boys and one girl can do to a floor on a rainy day.

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  1. It was great catching up! I love all the photos and fun :)

    Have a great weekend,


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