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By 9:00 a.m.

Lets see what has happened up until nine a.m. I have told the children not to play with balloons in the kitchen. They didn't listen. They spilled a cup of sweet tea and it wet Annette's Primer that was facing down. Oh, how I wanted to say something mean. I'm doing much better but I still struggle with that mean fleshy heart of mine. I'm thankful I didn't. I did point out that they disobeyed though.

I was going to jump in the shower and asked Josh, to go over their times tables using the stories and the dice. Brent was not acting very nice. Again, I wanted to raise my voice and say something but I didn't. I told him he can go to his room. Then I thought, no that's too fun. "Lord, what can I do?" I asked. Because I new there had to be a consequence for not being obedient.
I had him get his Primer and sit on the toilet while I took a shower. He recited his a,b,c's, read a story and two pages of words three times. When I got out he had to sit right outside the door and continue reading. When I  went to my room he had to come with me and sit in the closet (the door was open and he had light) and continue reading. I had him in the closet because I  was still dressing. Once done, I had him apologize to Josh, for not listening. Right this minute he is sitting at the kitchen table with his Primer. Still deciding what to do next. Must seek the Lord, to see if I'm done or not.

A very good thing about my children is they do obey when I tell them to do something regarding discipline. If I tell them to go to their room they will or come here they will. I'm thankful they don't go running off and not listen. Makes correcting easier. Now, my Lance, is a whole different story. We are working on him.

Need to get back to school. Time for a phonogram game.

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  1. Your children are blessed to have two parents who discipline them consistently. This and a calm, loving spirit is the key.

    It is hard to hold our tongue, but the fruit is worth it every time! Great job.


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