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Caleb My Early Riser

For over a month now Caleb has been waking up early.

Usually about 6:00 a.m. This morning he tells me, "Mom, I woke up at 1:59 a.m. I thought it was almost six but when I got out of bed and looked at the clock it was only going to be two. I thought I would sit on the couch and wait for six, but I got tired of waiting and went back to bed."

He so funny. Another cute thing about Caleb. Yesterday I was looking at a cereal box before throwing it away. I finally tossed it. Caleb, noticed that I was reading something on the box. He came picked it up from the recycle bin and asked me what I was reading. I told him if you save to upc from the box you can get these state cards. Next thing I know he is clipping the upc.

Last year he saved enough upc's to earn an alarm clock. Before that he was saving for a free blanket. He makes me smile because he is so cute.


  1. Haha..that is just too cute!!

  2. Hi! This is our 2nd year of using the ACE Paces and I cannot say it enough - these just really, really work for us! I am still finding my way on a few things such as Literature (is it enough, how do we want to do it, etc) and original writing (HOW do you correct that? I mean every other subject has black and white answers, it is either right or wrong...but evaluating writing, I am lost. And also, how do you *really* know if your kids are good, average, or poor writers, KWIM? lol). But, yes, we really do love the Paces (they are not perfect, mind you), and the whole system. School is getting done consistently and without huge issues for the first time ever.


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