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Children Learning, Mom Learning.....

Today, Lance came to me saying that Ethan, is not sharing the Lincoln Logs.

I was busy with Josh doing spelling (SWR) I stopped what I was doing (remember lots of interruptions and we need to take the time to stop and take care of a need with a meek spirit. Now before you say, "Oh, please!." let me tell you that this does not come naturally for me and I'm am seeking Him daily. Of course the Lord gives me many opportunities to practice!)

Back at the farm.........so I stopped and told Lance, that we need to pray and ask Jesus to help us learn to share. Immediately he said, "Ethan, not learning or obeying." He turned and continued saying, "Ethan, I telled on you."

As I am typing Ethan, came up to me and said, "Mom, don't blog about me."

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