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Chores; Are They Important?

Chores, how important are they? Well, let me tell you something about Lupe & I.

Lupe's mom had him do chores regularly. Even on Saturday ;).

With me, I didn't have regular chores. My mom didn't require us to have them. She would do it all. We helped once in a while but it wasn't a regular thing. Same with cooking.

Lupe, can run our household smoothly. I can't. It takes me forever to clean one room in our house. When I'm done, sometimes you can't even tell I spent hours cleaning that room. Lupe, can clean the whole house (even when we lived in our larger house) quicker than I can clean one room.

Chores aren't a 'chore' to Lupe. Folding laundry is actually relaxing for my Sweets.
 For me it was work and I had to learn to enjoy doing chores. I learned that this is one way of serving my family and everything I do is for God's glory.

For years in our marriage I couldn't figure out why I could not run our household smoothly. Why was it so hard for me. Lupe, wondered too (but he didn't tell me this until I brought it up)

Then I read "Managers of Their Chores" about a year ago.

I read about other moms' who like me, felt lost with regarding how to run their homes. All the moms who were lost, didn't have chores when they were a child. The moms' who did know how to run their homes DID have chores and responsibilities when they were younger.

This was a 'Light' bulb moment for me. After reading this book, I told Lupe, about it. This is when Lupe, told me that he couldn't figure out why I had such a hard time with running our home. A note: Lupe, has never said, a negative word to me on how I kept house. He has always encouraged me and tried to help. The poor guy irons his clothes)

I'm thankful that the Lord has laid it upon my heart to have the children do chores. My children have had chores but I must admit it was a lot easier when they were a few children. Now with six children I have trouble keeping up the with the chores. My children will do what I tell them without whining or complaining and they know what is their chore BUT, most times it doesn't get done unless I tell them. This is the area we are working on now.

I purchased Managers of Their Chores a  few years ago but didn't stick with it. I think I'm ready now. Tonight I am going to start getting this together. I want smooth and easy days regarding chores.

Back to the original question; are chores important? I say yes. Not only to keep house but it's also biblical. From the beginning God created man to work. Again, I'm thankful that my children see work as pleasing to the Lord. Not how I use to see them as just plain work.

If you need help, like I do. I encourage you to purchase Managers of Their Chores. It's worth the $25.00. I would also encourage you to purchase the cd. I'm going to have Lupe, listen to the cd. He is very on-board regarding chores, but I still think it's worth listening to.


  1. I have the problem with I can get it done faster and do it better myself thing...So wrong..I know. I REALLY need to start giving my children regular chores beside cleaning their rooms and dressing themselves. I too bought this book a few years ago and kinda started it but not really...Thanks for reminding me about it!!! I think I am going to start re-reading it and set up some chores for my kiddos. Gilbert gets frusterated with me too because he sees me wearing myself out trying to do it all ..when the kiddos should be helping me. So it is time to get in gear once and for all!!

  2. Amity, I am going to have to reread it too. I thought I could just pick it up and go but I forgot lots of the details. Bummer. Looks like it will take a bit longer.

  3. I picked that book up several times at our homeschool convention, and browsed through it. But somehow I think it would overwhelm me.
    After numerous chore charts and systems, we finally have a do as we go approach. My husband and I do the bulk of the big chores. The girls fold all of the laundry, dusting and help with the bathrooms and garbage. They all help with cooking as well. It is a process that takes discipline and time...stick with it you will get there. Your children are VERY responsible! Although it might not come easy for you Linda, you are doing a great job.


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