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Creative Me!

I am really not a creative person. It use to take me hours to scrapbook one page. I did manage to scrapbook over a dozen albums. Although I haven't scrapbooked in years I'm sad to say.

On our journey to live more simple, Lupe and I have been getting rid of lots of stuff. Our formal dinning room table, I have given my grandmother's tea cart to my sister Cynce, my mothers typewriter to my sister mary (she doesn't know it yet). Some of these at one point would have been hard to part with, but I am determined to be a good example to my children.

I have some nice candle holders from Party Lite. My family use to go through spurts. At one time it was having a Party Lite candle every month (when I lived in CA). We would rotate. My SIL's, MIL, my sisters, cousins etc. I have a nice collection of candle holdesr but have no place for them. It's time to let some of them go too. As I was looking at some that I really like I had an idea. They can hold sugar packets.

They are very pretty. When I  have company I have something nice to put on the table when we have a cup of coffee.

I thought it was a grand idea (I don't get many)


  1. Wow Lou, thank you! I feel honored to inherit Mom's typewriter! Brings back memories...you should post a picture of it :)

  2. Reff, I thought long and hard before deciding to give up mom's typewriter, but in the end, both Lupe and I thought you would really appreciate more. I have always wanted to put in on 'display' but never have :( I don't want to ship it though, so when you come to visit, leave room in your suitcase. Wonder if you can carry on the plane with you. Very importan pieace of memory for us.


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