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Here is a picture of my 2.5 yr old Ethan. His favorite saying right now is "I like you mom" or "I like you too much" . He has so much energy. Just right now he knocked on my door saying "let me in I went poop" He suppose to be in dream land right now. So I open the door and his hair is soaked! I ask him why his hair is wet when he is suppose to be in bed. His answer "It looks nice mom". I can't help but smile. I then ask, " Why do you always poop, during naptime or bedtime?" His reply "I don't know mom"

This is my child that climbs the stairs on the outside part of the rail. I have caught him ready to swing from the chandler once. He was holding on to it and just about to run across the dinning room table when I happened to walk in the room. I knew it was too quiet while doing school ;) Once I was passing the bathroom only to find Ethan in the sink trying to clean his feet, nothing is too high for him. He has no fear of anything (including discipline). When he was 1yr. he was already jumping off the couch. None of my other kids jumped from couches, beds etc until they were at least 3yrs old.

Needless to say he has brought me to my knees many times. After trying to correct him again and only to have him disobey, has sent me to the bathroom in tears. I never thought before that a 2yr old would be able to bring me to tears. I have read Dare to Discipline and The Strong-Willed Child by Dr James Dobson and I do wish he would come to my home and give me some advice. I have been praying and reading God's Word on how to raise my little guy. I don't want to break his spirit or change who God made. I am also praying that God will show me areas in my life that I need to change. When I think about it, I am not much different from my little guy, how many times have I been disobedient to God? How many times have I not listened to God and have gotten hurt because I wanted to do it my way?

Ethan, may be a handful, but he has taught me a thing or two ;) I love him just as Christ continues to love me.

He also brings much joy. This morning I opened the back door to find Ethan standing there with a handful dandelions and said "for you mom, put them in a safe place up high"



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