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Ethan is Learning His Phonograms

Today Ethan completed four pages of his Math Mammoth. He said, "Why am I doing so many pages?"

I told him he skipped Monday and Tuesday, so he is making up days. We did them together and most of them we did orally. After he was done with math we went over his phonograms. He knows A-Z so we practiced oo, ay, ai and a few single phonograms that have more than one sound. He did pretty good.

I haven't really started him using PR or SWR. I'm not sure which route to go. Ethan, still needs practice with his writing too. He can make his capital letters very well but I want him to learn his lowercase. A few years ago he was using some Rod & Staff workbooks and did very well. Click HERE to see. I was trying to find the post with his handwriting when he was four. He did so well. Maybe I'll find it later. I plan to transfer all the post over here eventually.

Today I'll play Phonogram Fun Packet with him too and I'll start introducing the phongrams to Lance as well!

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  1. Grace and I just started Math Mammoth Grade 1 book last week. I received it for review on my blog. We're enjoying it.

    I've been getting the "Oh I'm bored" feeling during school lately. I think it is just the weather. I say a quick prayer and it fades as we persevere.

    I love great coffee :)

    I'm enjoying reading your daily blog entries.


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