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The Front House

My Sweets, is working hard, getting the front house ready for us. He was only going to pull out the cabinets in the kitchen. Of course when you are doing any kind of remodeling there is always something else that comes up. Especially in an older house.

My Sweets found that there is no insulation in the kitchen and most likely through out the whole house.

See? He pulled the drywall down to find just wood. Look at this too.The wood on the floor isn't even touching the wood on the wall. If you look close to the photo below you will see a gap. There is nothing there but the outside.

I didn't resize the photo below so you can click on it for a better look ;)

What to do? My husband and  I would like to just tear out all the walls and start from scratch but we can't afford to do that. Bummer. I would love to move some of the rooms around. The way they built this house was not in an organized way.

We will insulate the kitchen and the bathroom only. We'll just have to live with no insulation in the rest of the house. I'm still amazed about the whole no insulation thing. Who builds a house like that?!?

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  1. When I was a kid we lived in an old turn of the century farm house. It was huge - 7 bedrooms. Not a bit of it was insulated. I feel your pain.


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