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Getting Organized

One of my goals is to get organized. It's an every-year goal. Every year I improve some but it's a learning process for me. Lupe, is a big help.

I'm rereading Managers of Their Chores. To get us started on this a bit quicker, I did put together a sample morning chore packet together. Meaning I wrote the basic stuff: Get Dressed, Put Away Clothes, Eat Breakfast, Take Vitamins, Brush Teeth, Make Bed and Pray. I put pray for the younger ones because they can't read yet. I just wrote these out and drew pictures on regular paper. This is just to get us started. Once I put our charts together, I'll redo them, put them on cardstock and add a few chores. More as they get use to a routine.

Next I'll reread Managers of Their Homes and maybe make a block schedule instead of an every half hour schedule. I just can't imagine us on a strict schedule right now. Especially with the Phonics/Spelling curriculum I'm using. I'll have to pray about this. Maybe a more rigid schedule would be better.

I am also going to purchase Molly's Money Saving Digest this year. I figure I can just reuse them year-after-year. I'm going to print them, three hole punch and put them in a binder. This will be may Master Molly Binder. I'll save the files to a disk. When I need something I'll have the Master Molly Binder and can find what I'm looking for, have it on a disk, pop it into the computer and print that page. For instance in this digest there are pages to record all the clothing that we own. Next year if I need another copy, I can check the Binder, find the month & disk then print it.

I am going to print this out and add it to My Master Molly Binder. This digest has tips and ideas where to put all our 'stuff' that we use daily. Finding homes for them. Keeping it all organized.

Lastly I am using Motivated Moms This is an inexpensive, daily chores list. You download and print. There is a chore list for every day. It kind of reminds me of the Fly Lady. The chore list has you wipe down the sink, sweep etc. It also rotates chores that you don't need to do everyday.

I will write updates on my progress. This will keep me accountable. I really want to get organized. A lot of what I learn will be passed to my children. I don't want them to have to learn this when they are an adult. If I can teach them to be more organized now and carry that into adulthood, have it become second nature.....I believe they will be more productive.

When I say organized I mean to run a household, financials, not being idle, servant-hood, devotions and so forth. Not just with chores & organizing our stuff.

I know God wants me to be more organized. I need His wisdom to figure all this out. To me getting this place organized and running smoothly is very overwhelming. I'm going to  seek the Lord, take baby steps and thankfully I have a husband who encourages and helps.

Something to think about; in the past, we didn't need so much organizing helps and how to's. Mom stayed home and reared the children. Fathers, supported the family. Now, that is a negative thing, but that's a whole new subject.

This is getting long so I'll stop here. Until next time................

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