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Giving Grades

A friend recommended a site to me (Thanks Dee) and I found this article regarding mastery and grading. When homeschooling, it is sometimes hard to give grades because we teach mastery. If one of my children score below 85% then they do not move on. They need to study and retake a quiz or test. (I don't think the author uses textbooks but we do).
For instance with math. I would not have a child move forward if they haven't mastered a concept. We would go over it again and again until they understood. Only then would they be able to move on.
This is one of the reasons why I really like Math Mammoth. You can always reprint a page or use the worksheet generator. With Christian Light (Caleb uses this program) I would have to purchase another Light Unit (workbook) if he REALLY needed to go over it again.


  1. Totally off topic...But do you ever feel that your kids are not learning anything?!?! That how I feel right now it is SO frusterating...What have you done for spelling? Because Cena and Diego can hardly spell anything..I tried a few spelling programs but they did seem like they were helping....

  2. You're Welcome! I'm glad that you were blessed by them, and yes, my friend let me borrow the book that she (Joanne Calderwood) wrote and she uses mostly Abeka--if I remember correctly, and then some Robinson Curriculum vocabulary, but it is all very self directed from the very beginning. If you can afford it, it's a good book along the lines of the Maxwell's book.




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