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Got Some Schooling Done

Well, we got some school done today Josh did his math(CalcuLadder) and had a timed 2 minute drill. We just started this yesterday so he did the first one. Yesterday he got 75% of it done and today he finished in the 2minute time. He was really excited. He also copied a page from Rod and Staff book The Good Samaritan. We went over adjectives using First Language Lessons.

Annette did 2 pages of her Ray's Arithmetic, counted enough Dino Nuggets for all the kiddos. She had to make sure everyone got 6. She copied a page of Rod and Staff book Danial in the Lions Den and did lesson 49 of First Language Lessons. She is learning about pronouns.

We are getting behind with are Read aloud so I am going to make sure we read at least a chapter a day next week. We listened to Story of the World chapter 18, we still need to do the map work. So hopefully we'll get that done after their quite time.

Next week we will start back to a full schedule. (I hope) It has been hard for me to get going these past weeks. We took 2 weeks off in December, I really want to stay on schedule with our studies. I need to take time to go over our school schedule this weekend. I need to take time to pray to the Lord about our schooling.

My oldest son Joshua takes a little longer with learning and I'm always feeling like we are behind. That is one reason why I feel like we need to stick to such a strict schedule. I need to relax and just let him learn at his own pace. I'm really praying that this Rocket Phonics will help with his reading. With math we are taking time out with the CalcuLadder drills to practice his adding and subtraction. He needs practice with memorizing them. I also bought some math games that we will play before moving on to multiplication. The games I purchased are Blokus Game, Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction, Tic Tac Twice Math Skills, Dutch Blitz Game, Subtraction Safari Game, Math Smart Addition Card Game and Quarter Mile Math K-3.

Caleb my Kindergarten student is still learning how to blend. I will start him with Rocket Phonics next week. I bought The Letter Factory Game so we will add that into his schooling soon. Can you tell that I am trying to incorporate more games with their learning.

Josh got his Dr. Dreadful yesterday. If I have time today I will post some pictures.



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