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Happy 2010!!!

Wow! Where did 2009 go?
If I was more creative I would do a post on "A Year in Review" but most of my pics are on my other hard-drive. Hmmm...maybe I'll post some high-lights of our year.
 One of my goals for this year is to blog 365 days. I'm not talking about long post but at least write a quote from one of of the children. Maybe something funny, weird or whacky that happened. Just anything to keep my journal of our days going. One day I would like to print my blog for the children. I use to scrapbook when the children were little. I haven't made time in years, so I thought this would be the next best thing. Especially if I add pictures of the children to my post.

I remember my mom would write little things; like how much a gallon of milk cost, what she did that day, what she bought at the grocery store and what she purchased on her limited budget and so forth. I enjoy reading about my moms simple days.

Hmmm.....lets see; last CHRISTmas in 2008 we put our house for sale. In June of 2009 we sold our house. We moved in with some nice friends that we met at church and stayed with them for a month! We moved in to our 700sf. apt. house in Aug. 2009.  It's been a humbling experience.

The children have adjusted well. Not once have they complained about living in such a small space. All six children share one room and some even share a bed.

We stopped buying shampoo & conditioner. I can't stand the chemicals, so we make our own now. You can read about it HERE I do buy a homemade shampoo bar for Lupe. Our main goal was to stop using chemicals but it's also great on the budget. Although the shampoo bar is $5.00 but since I don't use it, it last a long time. At first I bought it for all of us but it didn't last too long. I don't mind using my homemade shampoo (I do use the bar once a week).

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