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We have a Catholic Church not far from our house and I love hearing the church bells ring through out the day. I hope we can still hear them from the front house.

I put in a request to Lupe, regarding a sink in the front house. I really miss a big sink. When I wash the pans and big bowls it's a hassle in our little apartment size sink.

If I can't get a bigger sink than I would like a sink that is not divided.

The five younger children are outside riding their bikes. I love hearing them laughing and having a good time. Josh, is still in his bed. I don't know if he is reading or sleeping.

I better start supper. We are having eggs with peppers, potatoes etc.


  1. That looks like a delicious meal. I wish we lived close enough to a church to hear the bells. All I ever get to hear is highway traffic!

  2. We have a Lutheran Church near us and I love hearing the bells too!! DUring Christmas the bells play christmas songs...so lovely. Of course I can hear them better in the summer when our windows are open..


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