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Managing Our Homeschool

As  I was preparing for our homeschool week, I see another area that needs more attention.

I have read Managers of Their Homeschool over a year ago.

Can you tell I'm a fan of the Maxwell's? Again, this book was very helpful and I tried and have used some of their ideas. But......

One area of homeschooling that I do not enjoy is correcting the children's schoolwork. Because of this I haven't been as organized as I should.
The children are progressing and finishing their Light Units but I'm not keeping their work organized.
A book can only help so much.  I have to stop putting this aside. I need to discipline myself in this area.
I won't be back to blog until I'm done correcting.

Before I go and start my day, I did want to add that I prepared both Joshua's & Annette's lesson plans. Including their spelling (Spell to Write & Read) just the spelling took me a good hour. SWR recommends you make your own notebook, so I am making two (technically three because of Ethan).
It'll all be worth it if it will help Joshua learn to spell better.



  1. I have this book, too! I really loved it. It's a good read whether you use it as is, or just form your own method.

    Have you read the articles on the RC website? There are a lot of good articles similar to the Maxwells on how and why children should be self learners. Check it out here www.robinsoncurriculum.com And also, the U R the mom website. She sells planners, but also has a great book on how she and her children have had success with self learning. You can visit her and read some of the articles on her page at urthemom.com

    HTH in your quest to get better organized! They helped me immensely.

    Many Blessings on your day!

    Dee in Very Cold Today FL!

  2. Thanks, Dee, I'll take a look at the websites you suggested.


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