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Monday Morning

I'm going through my emails when I hear the wonderful ring of my coffee maker letting me know it's ready. I pour and notice that my coffee is not brown. Did I not put enough grounds in the basket I ask myself. No, I didn't put any. I brewed water. So here I am waiting again.

Do your boys ever say this when you remind them they need to take a shower.

"Mom, I already took one this week."

Well, my dad's team lost last night. He went home in good spirits though. My dad has changed a lot over the years. Before he would have been upset. See where I get it from, must come from our Apache ancestry.

Anyway, I was very proud of him. He even said, some nice things about the other team.

I just had to get up right this moment because I forgot to put water in my coffee-maker. Will I ever drink my coffee. Hee, hee.

Off to start school. Have a nice Monday morning.

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  1. Sounds like a typical Monday morning for me! Glad your Dad had the right heart!


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