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My Annette

It's been a productive day with a few bumps. Like when I was so into my cleaning that I forgot about the corn. It burned!

My Annette, had a rough morning, like the corn.

She is working on decimals and doesn't understand them. She gets upset when she doesn't know something. I had to tell her that it's okay. I'm here to teach and help her understand. I told her she doesn't need to learn everything about decimals in one day or how many mm in a cm etc. Her math will review and come back to it. I gave her an example using her dad. I explained that dad would like for the front house to be done, but he doesn't know how to do everything. He takes the time to go online and studies about plumbing, wiring etc. Other times he goes to Home Depot and inquires. There is no way he would be able to finish the house in one day. It's the same with her learning.

 She was also in tears because she 'has' so much school. There is no time for her to play Risk, read or play with her brothers.

All this because we started late and she felt her whole day was off. We had a good talk and she is fine now.

Later after she put a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies in the oven and was feeling better I showed her that her day is not always consumed with school. We put cookies in the oven, we took a walk around the yard a few times and talked, We went through her writing together and had fun taking notes about her favorite things.

Her three favorite things;

  • Work with dad

  • Bake with mom

  • Reading

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