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Nothing to Talk About

I was going to come back and write a post about The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading (because I love it so much) but I'm cold. My fingers aren't typing, I'm hungry and my tummy hurts. Looks like it will have to wait for another day because my brain is not working either.

Quick highlights of today. Dad, came by and brought Ethan (Nature Boy) some birthday money ($7.00) and me a hand-vac. He heard me talking to Lupe, about getting one for the younger children.

I played Phonogram Fun Pack with the children. I played one very long game with the four older children. They really enjoy it but I get bored after a while. With the older children we used all the phongrams and rule cards.
Then I played a game with Ethan. With him we used only the single phonograms and no rule cards.

I'm going to read now.


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