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Rocket Phonics

On my curriculum wish list is a phonics program called; Rocket Phonics. It kinda reminds me of Reading Reflex, because you’re only teaching 36 sound. (if I'm remembering right) So I posted on the Sonlight Forums asking about it. One of the ladies said she had bought it and decided that they were going to stick with SL Language Arts instead, she said if I wanted it I could have it. I was so happy. Of course I said yes. I thought that was so nice. What a blessing. I received it yesterday and my son Josh started it today.

Josh is 7.10 yrs, has a hard time reading. I don't know if he is frustrated, being lazy, not paying attention or just doesn't get it. So I was happy to find Rocket Phonics. You can use it with children 5-9yrs old. Today we went over the zh, ea, ie, oa, oo, ou, oy, ow, sounds. I found out that Josh still gets them mixed up. We played bingo with the sounds and then had a list of words called "Reading Practice" We will do the same thing again tomorrow. I will include Annette too, even though she reads at grade level and is doing well, I want to keep their phonics together. As much as I like Rod and Staff Phonics there is a lot of writing, with Rocket Phonics your just working on the sounds and practice reading. We will continue with Rod and Staff when we complete Rocket Phonics. I'm am praying that this program will give my son more confidence with reading along with lots of praise :) With regular phonics program there are too many rules and it is confusing for Josh. When we would go over a lesson and introduce another rule he would kind of get it kind of not. I was the same way as Josh when I was learning. It was so frustrating to me, because I wouldn't get it and the class would move on to the next lesson leaving me behind and I was too shy to ask for help.


2010 Update: We did use Rocket Phonics for a while but this was also when I was very unsure of myself. I was also a curriculum junkie back then. Annette, actually did very well with R&S Phonics. Josh, picked up reading and now reads very well.

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