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Our First Day in 2010

I'm still trying to get rid of this cold. I have a cough and mucus (gross I know). Hopefully my cough won't be so bad, so I can go to church this Sunday.

I first day in 2010 had been a good one. We all woke up late. When I got up, sometime past 8:00 a.m. The children and I watched 'Little Bear' how to skin an animal.

Of course my boys love these dvd's. We watched all four dvds yesterday. It's so cute to see Ethan, making sure his pack has everything he needs to, to survive in the wilderness ;)

After we watched a few dvds Lupe, woke up. We all got ready to go to the storage down the street. We spent an hour there to organize, then headed to watch a movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

It was a cute movie and it only cost us $10.00 to get all eight of us in. As we were in the dark trying to find a seat. Yes, we barely made it. Lupe & I didn't notice that Ethan was not with us. We were all settled. I thinking Ethan was next to Lupe & Lupe thinking the same, that he was next to me. (remember it wad dark) Anyway, a lady in front of us asked, if he new an Ethan, she said she found him and she took him to the lost & found. Just kidding, she said she took him to the front. Lupe, went went to go get him.
I thought he was going to be crying but Lupe just put him in my lap and he was fine.

After the movie we came home to heat up some Tamales. We were all ready for dinner after seeing that movie. I had Josh put some chocolate cookies in the oven, so they would be done for dessert. I made up a batch yesterday and only cooked what we were going to ear for New Years. I love doubling up my cookie dough.

I was really tired after dinner, so I went to my bedroom to rest. The kiddos are so sweet; one by one I could feel them putting a blanket on me. Later I felt Lupe, take my shoes off.

While I took a nap, Lupe played Clue and as I'm typing they are playing Risk.

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  1. Happy New Year to all! I'm so glad you all were able to go to the movies. We haven't seen that one yet. Hope you all have a blessed New Year and continue to have family nights out.


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