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Our School Day (Friday)

Here is how we keep warm. This is Brent, standing next to our radiator. He has his blanket draped over it, so he gets as much heat as possible. He didn't stand there long so no danger-worries.

Josh & Annette working hard. Annette's penmanship is improving.

Josh, is working on his Christian Light Reading.

Today, Annette, was getting a bit frustrated with her Math. She didn't understand something. I tried to snap a picture, but I think she noticed.

Annette, wanted to switch from Math Mammoth to Christian Light. The transition is not as smooth as she thought. There are a few concepts she hasn't learned and was getting frustrated trying to figure them out.
I tried to help but she was to upset. I have learned to just wait and help later.


  1. Hee..hee..sometimes I feel bad that we start school without my kids having their hair all brushed and perfect...I couldn't help but grin when I saw annettes ponytail...it looks just like Azucena's does most of the time. By the way I don't mean that in a bad way...it just makes me feel better that other people are "normal" too ~smile!

  2. Amity, I'm glad we are not the only ones ;) It something we are working on. Hee, hee.
    We call it her little rats nest. It gets so tangly.


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