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Phonogram Fun Packet

Yesterday I mentioned that we played a game to help learn our phonograms using the Phonogram Fun Pack. I also mentioned that I get bored after a while. This happens  when I play it during our 'school' (unscheduled) time and I guess bored isn't be the correct word. More like feeling rushed. Silly, I know. When I play the game with the children after hours  it's more fun. Yesterday was a bit hectic so I felt rushed. Nothing is enjoyable to me when I feel we need to hurry.

I made it a point today not to feel rushed and we had a delightful game of Phonics Bingo and Old Maid (using phonogrmas of course!) I decided that we'll play games for the rest of the week for spelling/phonics.

Yesterday I also played Phonics Fun Packet with Josh and Caleb one-on-one and I enjoyed that. I think I played the game like, four times yesterday. It was a great way to see what Josh and Caleb need more practice on. I think it helped that I played with each child by themselves. They didn't feel like everyone was seeing what they didn't know.

Next week we will go back to our regular spelling week of completing SWR & Phonics Road.

I also purchased some of the other games since the children enjoy playing the phonogram game. I purchased the addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and the geography fun packs. Can't wait to receive them. I might make every three weeks game week. That will add some spice to our homeschooling days.

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