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Productive Monday

Today was very productive. I woke up early, was showered & dressed by the time the children woke up at 7:00 a.m.

Gave Ethan & Brent their chorepacks. I used my Motivated Moms list to direct the older children. By 8:00 a.m. I had almost all the boxes checked.

My dad came by for a visit at noon. By that time I had schooled everyone but Ethan. On the above list "SWR" Means Spell to Write & Read. The J, A etc. stand for the children's names. J-Josh, A-Anette etc.
Also the 'make beds', 'Take Vitamins' & 'Do Laundry' should be checked off too. We completed those while Grandpa was here.

My dad noticed that I'm always cold and bought me a Snuggie.

I love it! It's even pink!

Caleb & Brent finally finished illustrating their first reader from The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading.
Caleb, had a fake smile so I had to be creative to get him to give me a natural smile. In most of his photos he gives a fake cheeser, so I was really happy with this picture of him (he is showing his illustrations)

Here is Brent with his book.

I put together some "School" packs (idea taken from the chorepacks) for Josh & Annette. This kept them on task. I'll write about how it works another time.
Here is a pic of the kiddos getting their work done.

Lupe, thinks I'm cute when I teach and snapped this photo.

If I would of known he was going to take a picture of the teacher, I would have fixed myself up a bit. How embarrassing!

Here is what Lance, did.

I'm happy to say that we got a lot accomplished today.
I still need to read to Lance & Ethan. Ethan still needs to do math & phonics. Caleb, needs to finish math. Grandpa came during that time.
I corrected what the children have completed. Tonight they will have homework.

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