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I think I'm nuts for doing two very time consuming spelling programs. It took me about three hours to teach four children spelling today. I just don't think anything else would work with my children. I love how Phonics Road and SWR both have the children break down the words into single or double phonograms. How they have to 'think' to spell. It makes so much sense. It' just takes FOREVER! I don't know what I'm going to do when I add in The Bridge to the Latin Road next year.

What's going on here. We are having the front house worked on this week. The foundation needs to be fixed. We had this done before but the person did not do a thorough job. Lupe and I could feel were the floor dips. They should be done with the foundation work this week.

Next Lupe, is going to replace the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is not very organized. There is wasted space. We have a large round table that we need to fit in the dining area. We are praying about this. We don't know how to fit our table and chairs. Here in the apt. house, the kitchen is large. It runs the length of the apt.

My favorite part about moving is having a washer & dryer in the house! Yahoo!! I'm really excited about that. Currently the washer/dryer hook-ups are in the kitchen. We are going to have them moved to the bathroom. The bathroom in the front house is larger. We are also going to stack our washer and dryer to save space. The children are going to have to use a step-stool to put the clothes in the dryer.

At first we were going to purchase a smaller stackable washer/dryer combo, but Lupe, did his research and found out we can stack the ones we have. Eventually we'll have to buy a smaller stackable when we rent the house out sometime in the future.

For now we plan to stay here for a few years.


  1. Linda, just curious. The two programs for spelling that you are using are very similar in approaches. Why not consolidate and only use one? I've read at the WTM that many use SWR with their very small children so you could use it for all if spelling was really that important a subject for you to teach so intensely.

    We use Spelling Plus Dictation because I feel that is the only true way to make sure spelling is really learned, not just memorized temporarily for a list. I taught my son the phonograms using TATRAS-teach America to Read and Spell. Then once the phonograms are learned, you can really apply that knowledge to any spelling program--even a workbook.

    For instance, say the word check...my son spelled it, chek. I reminded him that the 'ck' sound at the end of a one syllable word with a vowel sound before the "k" sound usually ends in the phonogram 'ck.'

    I also use some skills I learned while using Reading Reflex briefly. It is called scratch sheet spelling.

    Since good spelling is largely based on good visual memorization of a word, I will sometimes have my son write the word using all the combinations that he thinks can go in that slot. I will then ask him which one looks right. 99 percent of the time, my son will choose the right spelling.

    This is just one of the skills we use. I really do believe in learning those phonograms, but maybe you can find a way to simplify it so that you won't get so stretched.


    Dee in Sunny FL!

  2. Dee, I have considered doing something like that. Once we know all the phonograms and the rules, maybe apply it to one that is not so time consuming for me.
    One of the reasons I am using them is to help my dc learn to decode words. My two middle boys are still learning to read so it's more of a phonics program as well as helping with spelling.

    With Annette & Josh, they read well but if they come to a word they don't know I won't them to be able to figure it out.

    Thanks and I appreciate your help.


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