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Saturday I was getting school ready for Annette. She finished her reading Light Unit 403. As I went to get 404 I realized I don't have 404. I have 405 but no 404. It must be packed away in storage or at my dad's house.

I didn't want to skip ahead because who knows what she'll miss. I don't want to put in an order in just yet Christian Light, although there are many books I would love to buy. I won't need anything until Caleb, is ready for level four math and that won't be for a few months.

I was wondering what to do, when I remembered that I have some Progeny Press Guides sitting around. I had sold some last year. I checked to see what I had left. Farmer Boy, nah, Amos Fortune looks good but I can use that one for next year, then I saw Little House on the Prairie and thought that's it! I have the cd, so I printed it all out, three hole punched it and put it in a binder. It looks really good and I love how it adds scripture and draws out godly character.

I bought this nifty binder from ACE School of Tomorrow. I was going to have Lance, use it for his Math Paces but it worked out perfectly for Annette's reading. Here is a picture of the binder holding her pages. In the back of the binder there is a pocket (originally to be used for paces) that was perfect for her book.

Everything worked out. The Progeny Press Guides usually take about 9 to 10 weeks to complete. I'll see how it goes. If she prefers the PP guides maybe I'll have her do Farmer Boy next.

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