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Resources for Beyond the Classroom

My children love the outdoors and working with their hands. They really enjoy learning about survival skills.

They enjoy:
  • Tomahawk throwing
  • Knife throwing
  • Working with a hammer, measuring tape, in other words they like tools.
  • Survival skills
  • Josh would like to learn how to skin a rabbit (Sorry Cynce)
  • Roping
  • Shooting
I thought I would share some of the resources we are using to teach the children.

This set of dvds teach; survival skill, skinning, roping, tomahawk & knife throwing.

Trick and Fancy Roping

I got this for Annette.

My children are not involved in any outside activities like sports, co-ops and such and some of them can add up, so I talked it over with Lupe and he agreed we can spend a little on the ropes, tomahawks and DVDs. I did purchase some for CHRISTmas.

They also spend time learning with their dad.

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