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Yesterday after work, Lupe, took the kids to see the 'front' house or what we call the 'big' house. The children are excited about the rooms. Right now all six are in a small room and some have to share a bed. As you can see three to a room is a pretty exciting thing.

They have already discussed who is going to share with who. Annette, Caleb & Ethan in one room and Josh, Brent & Lance in the other. Josh & Brent are dubbed the 'mad scientist' so they wanted to be together.

Annette, took her measuring tape and measured her room. She is trying to figure out where the beds, nightstand and rocking chair will go. Josh & Brent have decided that they don't want beds but sleeping bags. They said beds take too much room and they have BIG plans for their little room.

Josh & Brent's room includes the back door, so they are requesting tile in the entry way. They also want to build a desk for their 'experiments'. Under the desk they would like wood floors and the rest of the room to have carpet. Yeah, right. Like I said, they have big plans.

Lupe & I are enjoying watching them figure out their room situations.

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