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Children quietly finishing their school work.

Joshua, he looks so happy. He is completing Character Quality Language Arts assignment.

Annette, not so happy doing math.


And Brent. He loves his blanket.

Ethan and Lance were playing outside.

Today, we played a phonogram game. This time the person who ended up with the Peanut head card (it's really and egg) got three extra points. Josh ended up with the peanut card but Annette won the game.

Tonight is AWANA. I haven't been a very good AWANA mama this year. With Lance, I haven't been adding his elephant or lamb patches on. Yesterday, I took the time to add all his patches.
With Ethan, I don't know where his vest, patches or jewels are. He is so behind with his book. I have been going over the verse with him this week but he still can't say it. After nap, I'll review with him again. 

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