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Schooling My K-3rd Graders

I was going to post some pictures but thought I would post a homeschooling post instead. Maybe I'll post pictures tonight.

I wanted to write a bit about my homeschool journey. How seasons change and we need to change with it. I'm going to go back in time to give you an idea of why we are where we are right now.

When Josh, started his Kindergarten year he was 5.4 years old.  Annette had just turned 4, Caleb 3, Brent was 2 and I was pregnant with Ethan.

We were using Sonlight Core-K. Even though I had lots of littles and was exhausted, most of his schooling was reading and some how stayed on course. I read lots of books. To tell you the truth I don't know how I survived, but I went on and used Sonlight Cores 1 & 2 as well. I would have Annette, listen is as much as possible. I was covering all kinds of subjects, history, science, read aloud and language arts.

Now fast forward to now. Josh is in 6th, Annette 4th, Caleb 3rd, Brent 2nd, Ethan 1st & Lance Pre-K.

Annette, picked-up reading and could read well by the age of 6 years. She has continued to do all her subjects. When a child reads well it's very helpful for a homeschooling mama.

Caleb & Brent can read but not where they can have a textbook of thier own. I don't have the same kind of time to do a whole Sonlight Core either.

Here is a schedule of sorts of how I school my four younger ones.

Caleb, Brent & Ethan all do math daily. Caleb & Brent do The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading daily with me. This consist of phonics, spelling, reading, writing & penmanship. We spend 30-40 minutes with PR, 30 minutes with math and maybe 10 minutes with Penmanship. Caleb & Brent can do most of their math on their own. I have to sit with Ethan.
That's all the formal schooling I do with them. History & science are done with whatever read aloud book and lots of audio books. They have learned tons of history with looking at picture books  and listening to audio books. Every year I try to purchase 3-5 audio books. They listen to Story of the World, Mystery of History, Diana Waring and many books like The Pilgrims Progress, Narnia, Robinson Crusoe, Peter Pan, The Swiss Family Robinson, Cricket in Time Square, James Harriot's Treasury for Children, Dr. Seuss, The Story of Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Little House series, Secret Garden, The Sign of the Beaver, White Fang, Sea Wolf, Wulf of the Saxon and others that I can't remember. My boys will even listen to Elsie Dinsmore. They enjoy listening to these audio books over and over during nap and bedtime. They also listen to Jonathon Park for Science.

Caleb, Brent and now Ethan have learned many of their math facts and sounds on their own. I had to sit and teach Josh & Annette, but my younger ones learn a lot through osmosis.

I start teaching the letter sounds at age 6 and so far all my children can sound out consonant, vowel, consonant words before they are 7yrs. Like I have mentioned, other than my daughter they really haven't taken off reading until past eight years old or so. That doesn't mean that they can't learn. My late readers have a very good vocabulary. I'm impressed at some of the words they use.

I guess what I'm trying to say here, is for all you homeschooling mamas out there who feel you HAVE to do it all and have a full schedule for each child (history, science, math, writing, grammar, spelling, etc.) it's okay if you find you can't keep up. The little ones learn so much just by listening and hanging around while you school the older children.

Brent hasn't had any formal geography taught but he knows where places are on the map. I didn't formally teach Caleb addition & subtraction but he knows them. Ethan, knows that if sees bubbles coming up from the ground that there is a bug down there.

Enjoy those early years. If it's raining, let them jump in the puddles. Math can wait until the rain stops.

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  1. Beautiful post! I'm tempted to get SOTW(or MOH) on audio, even though I own all the books. I never really thought about that before, now I see that it is a very real option for me for next year.

    You are such a good mama! Keep up the good work!




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