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Spelling Lessons

Before I start writing about our school day.......some how I am a follower of my own blog. I'm so goofy. I thought I was adding myself to another blog but instead it was my own. Embarrassing! I haven't figured out out to unfollow my own blog.

Today with Josh & Annette we were learning the 1-1-1 rule using Spell to Write & Read (SWR).

This is teaching the children when to double a consonant when adding a suffix that starts with a vowel.
It took us 45 minutes to do this page. Needless to say, we didn't get to the spelling list. How on earth does anyone do forty or so spelling word a week?!
Josh & Annette also did their timed reading comprehension.

They have three minutes to read and answer a passage that I choose. There are between 8-12 questions to answer. They need to answer as many as they can in the three minutes.
So they won't become stressed, I do tell them that this is not a test. They are not graded. It is simply for me to see how much they comprehend. I basically tell them this is a brain exercises.

With Caleb & Brent we completed half of week 16 with The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading (PRSR).

Brent seems to catch on a bit quicker then Caleb with the phonograms and rules. For instance the word 'pack'. Caleb will put a 'k' instead of 'ck'. I will walk him through the rules; asking him questions until he figures out that it's suppose to be 'ck' and why we use 'ck' instead of just a 'k' or only a 'c'.

First I would finger spell, then have them write down the word and lastly have my pen write the word. Finger spelling is from SWR. I just carried that over to our Phonics Road.

Once we were done with our list I had Caleb & Brent put their binders away and I quizzed them on the words that they just did. Again, I got this idea from SWR. For reinforcement SWR has them do a quiz after they are done with that days spelling list.

Once we were done with all the spelling words I had them get our their reader. This is where they read a short story and illustrate it. By the end of the week they will have illustrated their own book. This weeks story is about a fat hen.

I still need to do phonics with Ethan and spelling with Josh.

I also had everyone do math, grammar, writing and reading.

Our read aloud for today was: Keeping Holiday by Starr Mead.

We got a late start with our CHRISTmas reading, then I came down with a cold and couldn't read because of my itchy throat.


  1. So, did you mean to misspell "Spelling" in your title? Because if not, irony. :)

  2. Oops. hee, hee. Typing too fast. Only have so much time before the kiddos quiet time is up.


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