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I'm so thankful that my coffee maker works. It's nice to wake from a nap, be able to add water and have a nice hot cup of coffee.

It is warmer today in the 40's. The washing machine's pipes are still frozen but at least we have hot running water. I was reading a friends blog and they don't have any hot water. They are having to heat up water for their baths.

Tomorrow is a new school week. I need to get our schedules ready. Josh, works a lot better if I have everything written down for him. For me too, since he doesn't have to ask. I'm just a bit lazy and don't want to do it.

Right now the children are watching Narnia & Lupe, is working in the front house right now. I feel so bad that he has to work with the cold weather. It's freezing in the front house. Here I am with my hot cup of coffee with whipped cream. Yummy!


  1. Yip, coffee helps make a good morning.
    I can't believe your pipes froze...is that common for Texas? And Lance is so cute! Do you ever tape your kids like mom use to tape us?

  2. Hi, Reff, no I don't believe it is. From what I have heard this is one of the coldest seasons since the 80's.


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