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Taming the Chaos (Computer Desk)

A week ago I was trying to think of a name to call my cleaning project. As I was thinking my homeschooling hutch was in utter chaos. Nothing how it looks now. (see below)

As I was looking at it I thought, I need to tame that area. That's were I got the name "Taming the Chaos" Not very original but it works for me :)

Chaos means - a state lacking in order or confusion - and unfortunately that's me. My home is in a state of confusion and lacking in order. I need to get it under control.

What is "Taming the Chaos" or TAC. Once a week I am going to find an area that needs taming.

Hopefully by the end of 2010 my home will be tamed and under control. I don't mean it has to look picture perfect but I do want it to be more organized and picked-up regularly.

Anyway, if any of you would like to journey with me on taming the chaos feel free to leave a link in the 'comment' area of my blog. I would love to see what areas you are taming ;) Just make sure it's the link to that days post.

My first area is our computer desk. This sight is not pleasing our Heavenly Father. God has blessed us with a nice computer and a desk to put it on. I need to make sure that I take care of it and teach my children to be good stewards of what God has given us.

I don't want my children thinking that this is the way a desk should look.

I'll add an after picture once it has been tamed ;)

Here is my after pic. It's clean. Our desk is old and has some peeling, but can't do anything about that.

It still has my reminder post-it notes but the dust is gone and I sorted the mail. The two compartments above is Lupe's territory. He has his receipts and such, so I didn't touch that area ;)


  1. My office is that way. Until this week, you couldn't even walk in there. It's just sort of the place that clutter ends up when I don't have time to deal with it! Now I can at least walk in there, but I put stuff in boxes... I'm thinking I should just get rid of those because obviously I'm not using all that junk! It's a constant battle. :)

  2. Mandy, I'm so happy I'm not the only one. As the Fly Lady says, 'If you haven't used it in a year, toss it,"
    Tame the Chaos! LOL.


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