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Taming the Chaos (Keeping School Running Smoothly)

To tame our school days I started something new this week. We call them SchoolPacks. Got the idea from ChorePacks. It's pretty much the same concept, except instead of chores the packet contains subjects. These packets are taped on our bookcase.

Above the schoolpackets are the older children's morning chores. I haven't got all the chore packs up and running as they say, so I put what they have to do on a sticky note and stuck it on the bookshelf. Will post more about those later.

Now back to the SchoolPacks. There is one for Josh & Annette. Currently they are the only ones that have a full school day. I'll post more about that too at a later date.

I wrote all their subjects on note-cards.

I also put how much time they have to complete that subject. Math-40 minutes, Reading-30 minutes and so forth and they set their timer.

Once the timer goes off they put that school card in the back and start the next subject. If they didn't complete their work in the allotted time then they have 'homework'. They will complete incomplete work after quiet time or nap. It's up to them as long as they get it done.

I think the times I put are pretty reasonable. Both Annette & Josh have agreed that they stay on task more with their subjects. Annette, get a bit stressed about the time thing. If we start school late she feels her whole day is late. I explained that the SchoolPacks are a tool to keep her day running smoothly. If we start late then just go from there, no biggie. Relax, go with the flow...talking to her helped and she was not stressed out today.

The schoolpacks are not Joshua's favorite but he said, they are helping him.

Their cards look something like this:
  1. Spelling (30min)
  2. Put things away (5min)
  3. Math (40min)
  4. Break (15)
  5. Language Arts (30-40)
  6. Reading (30)
  7. Lunch
  8. Science twice a week (30)
  9. Social Studies three times a week (30)
  10. Finish what you haven't completed
  11. Put everything away
My morning schedule looks something like this.
  1. Work with children together (1hr)
  2. SWR with Josh (35)
  3. SWR with Anette (35)
  4. Take Break
  5. The Phonics Road with Caleb & Brent (30-40)
  6. Help who ever needs it
  7. Lunch
  8. Read to Lance & Ethan
In between I'm helping with math an other subjects.

At 8:00 a.m. is when we start (mostly) we pray, work in their New England Primer, recite the the ABC's. A-In Adams fall we sinned all. B-Heaven to find the Bible minds and so forth. Then we work on our Times Tables. We start with telling the stories, do the flashcards then play the dice game. If we didn't start late we'll do our phonograms together, otherwise we'll split up. Some start math or some other subject. I work with Josh, then continue with the above schedule.
That's how I'm taming the school chaos.


  1. Hey that's a really good idea! Way to go Mom!! :) I think something like that would make me feel more productive as I'm moving from subject to subject although I can see Annette's point in being timed. I'm not good with timed test kind of things either.

  2. Great job Linda...
    I like that you've added Joshua and Annette to your sidebar. The pictures are awesome.
    It is so wonderful to having you blogging regularly.

    I like my coffee in the morning too! :)

  3. Linda, Yes, I really enjoy blogging. Trying to get our days in writing, so the children can look back when they are older. I try to get tid bits of our day.

    Hey, MaryEllen, I realized that I made it sound like it was the timer that's bothering her but it was the time that I put on her subject cards. For instance we start at 8:00 so her first Subject Card will say Math 9:00-9:30, Spelling 9:30-10:00. If we started late she would get stressed about the time.


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