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Taming the Chaos (Laundry)

I have decided to do spelling four times a week. As some might know I am using two teacher intensive programs with 5 children and it can take a lot of my day. The children can move on but I'm stuck for two hours + the hour in the morning when we do our group stuff. This leaves me with little time to pick-up the house. I have also been letting a few other things slide.

Both programs recommend you use them five days a week but I decided I'm not going to be a slave to the programs. I'll make them work for us.

Anyway, today I am taming the laundry (again) but this time it's all the towels, blankets, sheets & jackets. Here is a picture of some of the chaos. There is also a load in the washer & dryer and two loads on my bed waiting to be folded.

Our laundry is done outside.

All the jackets are done. We are very blessed to have more than one each. You can't tell but there are six double hooks. There are jackets under the jackets. Since we don't have a coat closet Lupe, bought one of those over the door hook-thingy.

I still have about four more loads thank-goodness for little helpers.

I also had some of the boys sweep the driveway/porch/carport.

I don't think I have shared pictures of our humble abode. Well, this is it. Nothing to look at but it's home. As you can see the windows are in but still needs to be completed.
We are hoping maybe some time next year we can have the driveway redone.

We rent the top apartment.

Here is what Lupe, needs to tame.

Your looking at one pile of rubble. Three rooms are being gutted. The kitchen, bathroom and our room. This is the back of the 'front' house where we will hopefully be fully moved in, in about a month.

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