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Taming the Chaos (Medicine Cabinet)

What is there to tame today? Today it was our medicine container. Most people use a cabinet but with limited cabinet space, in other words we have no room in our cupboards. Here is what it looked like before I tamed this area.

Here is how it looks now.

I labeled with my Labeling System that my sister gave me. One of the best organizing gifts ever.

What did chaos did you tame today?


  1. Today I tamed the chaos in my closet! I moved to a two floor town home which has less space than my older one floor apartment.

    I didn't realize how much storage we had in the old place until I moved to this one.

    So I've purchased a few organizing bins and drawers and even cabinets to help me put away all of our things, but with their only being one very large closet in my bedroom (still not as big as my older closet) it's the everything closet.

    I have my clothes in there, my husband's clothes in there, some of my kids' clothes that don't fit in their closets in there, all of our board games, and all of our homeschool books in there.

    I organize it one week, but it grows babies, and after taking down all the Christmas stuff, I realized more than ever that I'm going to have to purchase under the bed storage now.

    When I opened my closet this morning, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, so I just got to it and in true fly-lady fashion, only took out what I could neatly put back away in 30 minutes to an hour.

    When the hour was up, I was basically finished and what was left over, I put into a small bag to tame on another day, but it felt good being able to actually walk into my walk in closet. :)

    Living in small spaces with a big family can be a challenge, but God is giving us wisdom to tame what we need, and purge the rest! :)

    I wish I would have taken before and after pics, but I didn't even think about it. Maybe I'll rethink my blog idea again. ;)



  2. Good for you! I need to tame a few areas in my itty bitty apartment too. One of them is my restroom closet...maybe I'll do that and then post my before and after pictures. :)


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