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Taming the Chaos (Trash area/cart)

Today while Lupe and the children worked outside on the front house I decided to tame another area.

It started with me wanting to clean the wall where the trash and recycle bins are. I moved the trash, but soon noticed the baseboards needed to be cleaned too.

Our baseboards look funny because our apt. house use to be a garage.

Looking at my cart it looked pretty untamed too! Yikes!

As I was cleaning the baseboards and moved the cart. I noticed more chaos from under the cart.

These are the areas that we don't see and often are forgotten. Embarrassing I know.

I swept, scrubbed and organized.

Then I tackled the counters. They are still cluttered because of the limited space but everything is clean!

Oh, here are some more of my grand ideas.

I use empty containers for my coffee.

The first  from the left once held Ovaltine, 2nd Rice, 3rd was CHRISTmas candy.

Here is another candle holder. I put utensil that I often use.

Here is a nice crystal bowl that use to just sit in the cupboard. I was going to get rid of it when I decided to put my ground coffee bags in it.

Here are some pictures of the boys working outside. Annette helped too but I didn't get a picture.

Here is a picture of what will be my bedroom. Lupe, found termites and took out most of the wall and replaced the window.

Lance & Ethan acting silly.


I have more pictures but I haven't downloaded them to the computer yet. Not that you all are dying to see more pictures but their Auntie Reff enjoys them.


  1. Great job!!
    I wish we were neighbors, we would drink a lot of coffee together! Plus my children would have great playmates!

    I love all of the pictures that you share!

  2. YES!! I do, I do enjoy them...so keep posting those pictures :)


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