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I woke up an hour late today. Yikes! School started fifteen minutes late. How embarrassing. The teacher was the one late to school. Hee, hee.

The children worked in their New England Primer. Since I was late they didn't do any recitations, just practiced.

We also worked on our multiplication tables. We reviewed the stories, practiced with flashcards and with the dice.The children loved the dice playing.

Will be back later to finish my post. Need to start spelling.

I'm back. Whew! 1.5 hours of spelling. Yikes! But it was good. I'm still trying to figure SWR out. I 'thought' I was prepared but I had to correct myself a few times while teaching. The good thing is one HS mom on the SWR Yahoo Group did say that it's okay if you don't get SWR 100% the first time around. The children are still learning and will progress. We are still trying to memorize the 70 phonograms and rules. What I do like is they are drilled every day.

I much prefer The Phonics Road. My spelling time with Caleb & Brent was so much smoother. Tomorrow we plan to play some phonogram games instead of doing a spelling list with Caleb & Brent.

When schooling Ethan (my Mr. know-it-all) I show him how to work the problem, then have him do the next. He loves to say, "Awe, that's easy." He is hard to teach because he doesn't want my help but yet he needs it. Little rascal.

Lance, did a few cutting & tracing. He didn't really want to do any 'school'.

One thing I'd like to add is our school day was not a "smooth and easy day" as Miss Mason would have liked it to be. Josh, doesn't really care for Spell-to-Write & Read and Annette new most of the words we are working on. Since I am still 'learning' the program, I goof sometimes and this confuses Annette. I'm going to pray about it and ask God to help me in this area.

I think the words are too easy for Josh, so I am going to find words in the list that I know he can't spell and skip the easy ones. This will get him to bigger words (upon his request) but I'll feel comfortable that we got some of the 'little' word out of the way.

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