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What's Happening Here

Happening here at Training6Hearts4Him (I'm missing my Homeschooling6 name)..... My dear, sweet husband cashed in our investments/stocks. I know that had to be a bit hard for him. He enjoys that stuff. We are helping my father out financially and in order NOT to borrow we decided that was the best route to go. Taxes will be due on both our properties plus my dad's. We are thankful that we won't have to pay taxes for this house.

It's funny, the big thing I miss about living there is my master bath and closet. I really enjoyed having my own (with hubby of course) luxurious bath.
Like I have mentioned before, our bedroom that we have now is the size of our previous bathroom. I'm not complaining but it was nice. Loved the tub too.

We have saved a ton, by selling our house. Lupe, can now afford to hire people to help him with the apartments and the property we are now living on.

The children like it here. They love the bigger yard. Living in 700sf. is good for them. They are looking forward to the front house though. Six children in one room is a stretch. They don't complain but I know it's not easy for them.

I need to start school. Have a good Friday!!!

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