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Where Josh & I Hang Out

This is my last post. Hee, hee. Like I said, in my "Why so many post in a day" entry. Now that I have labels I am trying to keep the post topics separate.

Now that Josh & I have our bottom & top braces in, I thought I would show you all where we hang out after every meal.

We are constantly rinsing out our mouths. No more Mozzarella cheese for me. Too hard to get out.

Now that I have braces I am doing something that I would never do before. I chew with my mouth open. I have to have a napkin to my mouth all the time. My bite is all off and it hurts to chew. I'm hoping this is temporary. (Tiffany, I promise I won't gross you all out when we come for dinner)

Joshua, is fine. He doesn't have any issues like I do.

Some foods you don't want to eat when you have braces:
  • Spaghetti. Think noodles in and out of wires
  • Melted cheese. Majorly gets stuck
  • Cheeseburger; cut it up before biting otherwise bread is all over the place
  • Bread sticks to the wires
And lastly a picture of my new best friends.

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