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An Act of Kindness

Yesterday morning I woke up to this.

Have some coffee. The machine is ready to go!!! Josh.

All I had to do was hit 'start' when I was ready to have my java.

While pouring my morning cup of coffee, Annette, warmed my slippers for me. They were toasty warm for my feet.

I thought that was very kind.

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  1. Oh gees..I just lost my whole comment here we go again..LOL.

    aaawww...that is SO sweet..your children seem to have such servants hearts. That is wonderful!!!

    Cena will be in 5th grade and Diego will be 3rd next fall. Right now we are using Adventures in My Father's World. Between WP and MFW geography which one do you like better? I can't believe you used both...you are ambitious girl!!


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