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All About Our Spelling

My two oldest Josh & Annette are using Spell to Write and Read. I believe from here on out I'm going to combine them. Annette, is a pretty good speller and Josh needs a lot of work, but I can't teach them with SWR separately any more. Takes too long.
Since Joshua, has trouble with the phonograms and which ones to use I am going to teach them both 20 words in one day. Day 2 I'll have them use the SWR cd to go over the same words again. They will listen to the word, pause it, write and mark the word and go to the next word. I'll then check to see how they did. If they missed any I'll go over those words with them. Day three I'll start a new list and add in the missed words. Day four they will again use the cd to go over the words again. Next week I'll carry over any words that needs practice.

Caleb and Brent I teach together using The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. We are on Week 22 (Yahoo!). I'm doing the same thing with them. We finished list two. Tomorrow we'll go over the whole weeks list again using another composition book.

Next week I will have them start Week 23 on Tuesday; do the first half the words. Wed. we will go over the words again. Thur. do the second half. Fri. go over the second half again and add any missed words.

I'll see how this goes for a while and report back!

As for my two youngest. Well, that's a bit complicated. You see, Ethan, is ready to read and write. Lance, is very immature and has no desire to do anything but play and have mama read to him.

I want to keep them together for phonics using The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. This means I can't start Ethan, using PR yet. BUT, he is so ready.

What I have decide to do is use Talking Fingers with both of them for phonics this year. At least this will get Lance, started and Ethan, can move on.

My only concern is Talking Fingers teaches differently from Phonics Road. I am teaching Ethan his phonograms still. What I started to do is sit with Ethan, when it's time for him to type sentences.

Talking Fingers first has them type "F_F_F_" the line is space (space-bar). Then they might type "Fa_Fa_Fa_etc." to practice learning where the keys are. They are also doing a few other phonics games for instance a picture will come up and if it starts with 'f' they hit and say /f/ another game is seeing a picture of a rat and writing the word r-a-t. Once they move on to writing sentences, that's when I come in ;)  I turn of the sound. If the child takes too long then the program will say, "Type the letter 'f'." I don't want him to be told, so this  is why I turn off the sound.

The program shows and tell the sentence briefly, then the child is to write it. I'll have Ethan, write it but I will finger spell a word first then have him type it. If the sentence is "The cat went back" I'll let him write the word 'the' and 'cat' because I know he knows how to write those words easily. With the word 'went' I'll finger spell it then let him type it. Same with the word 'back'. I'll ask him, "What /c/ sound do we use."

He'll answer, "/c/ two letter /c/." so that is how we are using TF. I'll keep this blog posted to see if it's working for us.

The older children are using it for typing (shhhh, reviewing their phonics.)

Talking Fingers does not teach all 70 phonograms only 40. It would be nice if it said three sounds for the letters a, o & u but I think it will work out okay.


  1. Hey..quick question. When you first got The phonics road.. You said you were thinking about using it for Josh and Annette right? Did you say the lady recommended going through level 1 with them? I am just wondering for Diego and Cena....
    Oh yeah could you E-mail me your new address I want to ship those books back to you. SO sorry it has taken me so terribly long...

  2. Amity, yes. Mrs. Beers said to use level 1. She recommends everyone to start at the beginning. I'm going to use PR with my dad and he too will start at level 1.

    I'll email you later today ;)


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