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Annette's Tool Box

One of the ladies at church invited Annette, to join her sewing class on Friday. She teaches the girls three months out of the year from Feb-April. The girls are going to learn about stitching and in April make a simple skirt. Annette, is really excited and can't wait to go tomorrow.

On Sunday Nan the lady who will be teaching told Annette, that she needs to bring something for show-and-tell. Something that she has made with her hands.

On the way home from church Annette said, "Mom, I know what I can take! My tool box that I am working on!"

I thought that was so cute! My girl with five brothers and a dad that loves to have her help with fixing things. She even said that she will make sure her chest is plum & level. How sweet is that.

I'm sure Nan, meant something closer to sewing but my girl wants to take a tool box.

I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

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  1. Good for her! She rocks! LOL! :) I think that is so kewl that she's bringing a tool box.



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