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Another Nice Saturday

The sun is out today. I didn't realize how much I missed the sun. It's so pretty and warm (in the upper 50's). The children are riding their bikes. Brent's bike got a flat this week, so Lupe, took him to the store to buy a patch or something for it. I often tell the children that they are very blessed to have a dad who stops what he is doing to help them out.
Many times he will help them cut a piece of wood even though he is busy trying to get the house done. I praise and thank the Lord daily for my husband.

Even though I have tons of laundry to do, I am loving today. Here I pulled out the laundry basket from the only closet in the house (beside our bedroom closets). We have three closets in the whole house. Can you believe it? This is the width of our closet. But look at that mess. All that junk hiding under the laundry basket. Another embarrassing moment. Yikes.

I haven't completed cleaning it all yet, so no after pic. There were so many towels, sheets and blankets. Some were even damp. Yuck. I rolled everything outside where the washer & dryer is. Much easier to wash.

Lupe and the kids brought me home a McCafe coffee. Yum!


  1. We are kind of in spring cleaning modes ourselves! I organized a kitchen cabinet that was 'oh so yucky' once I got everything out of it, but now it's nice and clean. I also organized the master bathroom cabinet and I didn't realize my husband had made that cabinet his personal laundry room! LOL! It's all nice and clean now. Even though I'm in FL, we've had some cold and dreary days here, so I'm looking forward to my scorching, humid summers! :)

    Happy Cleaning!!

    Dee! :)

  2. Way to go!! I have been doing good on keeping up what I got cleaned last week, Now I just have to work on getting more done. The basement is what I NEED to get done but since I have been saying that for years nobody believes me...LOL. Gilbert made a bet with Cena that I won't have it done within the next year...guess I have a bad rep huh? ...hee..hee.


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