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Normally when we get home from lunch on Sunday we all take a nice long nap. Not sure why, but naps are good on Sunday. I really fall into a deep sleep. If I wake up too early I have a headache.

We own an 11 unit apartment complex in Dallas. A few weeks ago someone ran into the side of the wall, pushing the wall in about four inches. It happened to hit the mangers apartment. Thankfully the person who hit the wall lives there and has insurance. Nobody was heart, Praise the Lord!

Since the wall was pushed in the shower does not work. Again, thankfully the toilet works and the apartment managers daughter also rents from us, so they have been able to use her shower.

Today instead of taking his nap and working here, Lupe, had to go to Dallas to check on the progess. Hopefully he won't have to stay long.

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