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Beautiful Day

My children love to play in the rain. The puddles, mud, and fresh cold air does a body good!

The bike Annette, is sitting on is so old. A friend gave it to us when Josh, was little. Her children out grew it.

Josh & Caleb.

Brent, wearing a hat that I bought from a work-at-home mom years ago. It's one of my favorite hats for the children.

Lance, he is wearing an Old Navy hat that his Grandma Estela purchased for Josh, about five years ago.

Ethan and Lance, wanted me to take a picture of them all wet from the rain.

Yesterday Annette, had to use an Atlas in her Language Arts curriculum.

Look at the way Caleb, covers everything. We were working on Phonics Road. He is spelling his word and doesn't want Brent to copy his work. Brent is half way around the table.

Brent and his blanket. He walks around with it on his head too.

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